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Protecting historic agricultural land use while promoting wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and recreational opportunities through Rangeland Management, Carbon Farming, Permaculture,  and Native Plant Restoration.

About Raintree Ranch

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Raintree Ranch Heritage Highlands

Scottish Highlands are a wonderful (and colorful!) way to improve and preserve the landscape. These cattle are experts at improving unproductive land and maintaining a balance of plants. They have an exceptional ability to thrive on rough pasturage including chaparral and the sage family of brushes, multiple types of invasive weeds (including malva, mustard, and a variety of thistle), and the lower branches of live oak, sycamore, coastal pine and eucalyptus, thus providing space and resources for less competitive native grasses and forbs to flourish. Our Highlands work hard year round mitigating wildfire fuel load, spreading grass seed and fertilizing all areas of the range, as they are quite adept at making the most of our rugged, steep terrain that is not well suited to larger bodied, more sedentary types of cattle.

'Equestrian Center and Riding Trails

Information on the Equestrian Center coming soon!

Carbon Farming

More information on our Carbon Farming operation coming soon!

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