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Raintree Heritage Highlands

Introducing our Fold of Heritage Scots Heilan Coos

Meet our calves here!
GWR Brig Waylon

DOB: 3/7/2016

ID: RRH 001

Registration: HHCA H-001060

Sire: TX Brig Casper (AHCA #40078)

Dam: TX Brig Amilie (AHCA #43980)

Waylon is our Foundation Sire, possessing small framed "heritage type" stature and outstanding conformation; strong level topline, deep body with powerful shoulders and rear quarters, short straight legs, and exceptional feet.

Waylon is the result of selective linebreeding going back to foundation bull Lapland of Glen Osprey Farms, out of Scottish stock imported to Canada in the mid 1970's. GOF Lapland's sire was Leodhas of Douineside, son of champion bull Exhibit of Strathallen (highest selling Highland bull of all time at his point of sale). His dam was Diedre of Dibden, whom breeder David Pease regarded as the finest of the imported pedigreed females, estimating that she contributed as much to the quality of his fold as did Leodhas. Lapland appears in Waylon's pedigree 8 times, and continued selective linebreeding down thru the Stormhaven, Maru, and Brigadoon lines have ensured that such desirable traits and prepotency have remained alive and intact down thru the decades.

Waylon is a genetic powerhouse that takes his job seriously and "gets er done" every time, heavily stamping every calf he sires with his excellent physical characteristics and calm, gentle temperment.

20200607_181937 (1).jpg
GWR Brig Heather

DOB: 8/09/2016

ID: RRH 002

Registration: HHCA B-001318

Sire: TX Brig Casper

Dam: GWR Dayna

Half sister to Waylon, Heather is the quintessential "scottish type" cow, thick and square with a superb head and beautiful copper red hair. She is fond of brushing and scratches and anything that might be even remotely edible. 

She throws wonderful, low birthweight calves that are virtual clones of herself, and has earned her place as one of our proven and prized mamas.

20190608_102659(3) (1).jpg
GWR Brig Sage

DOB: 7/14/2016

ID: RRH 003

Registration: HHCA B-001317

Sire: TX Brig Casper

Dam: GWR Meghan

Sage is a rather petite cow with a fine and very feminine head, beautiful cream colored hair, and excellent udder and feet. She is half sister to Waylon and Heather, and so shares many of their exceptional traits. Sage is an Impact Dam, as she first calved at 33 months of age and has calved at under 12 month intervals every year since. All 5 of her calves have been nearly identical, snow white beauties.

Sage is also a bit of a character, her slightly crooked horns are a perfect match for her quirky personality.

Raintree's Princess Buttercup

DOB: 6/15/2017

ID: RRH 004

Registration: Unregistered Cross

Sire: LLO Benny

Dam: TMR Daisy

Butters is a high percentage Highland cross, her sire the famous Highland/Miniature Hereford bull "Benny" and her Dam a Highland/Dexter out of Trembath Mtn Ranch. She is one of our smallest framed mature cows, with a lovely compact conformation and the Black Baldy coloration she inherited from her sire.

Despite her short stature, Buttercup has the biggest personality in our fold, and passes on her wonderfully friendly dog-like nature to her beautiful calves.

Raintree's Ragnhild

DOB: 2/18/2013

ID: RRH 005

Registration: HHCA B-001418

Sire: APF Blackie Lawless

Dam: Parson's Poppy

Rags is the Raintree Fold's matriarch and CEO. She is calm and patient, yet carries herself with the confidence and graceful authority of a born leader. Her mothering ability and dedication are second to none, her calves both literally and figuratively following right in her footsteps.

Ragnhild is also absolutely gorgeous in every respect, with one of the most magnificent sets of Highland horns to be found anywhere.

20210222_171919 (1).jpg
Raintree's Freyja 

DOB: 2/2/2017

ID: RRH 006

Registration: HHCA B-001417

Sire: APF Thor

Dam: APF Scarlett

Short and square with a beautiful feminine head, outstanding conformation and mothering ability, Impact Dam Freyja is one of the real sweethearts in our fold. She has a very zen-like presence about her, and passes this quality on to her progeny.

In short, Freyja is a little Champ!


Raintree's Black Raine

DOB: 9/26/2018

ID: RRH 007

Registration: HHCA Pending

Sire: APF Black Magic

Dam: Raintree's Ragnhild

Raine is our little black beauty, very petite and feminine, with absolutely beautiful amber eyes and jet black hair. She is calm and curious, and quite friendly. She has excellent conformation, udder, and feet, and has also inherited her dam Ragnhild's fertility and calving ease, and is well on her way to Impact Dam status herself in 2023!

Red Rock Tira (Lady Lorelei)

DOB: 12/12/2015

ID: RLM 001

Registration: AHCA 55950

Sire: Bogger's Woolly Bully

Dam: Honey Creek Heidi

Lorelei descends from some excellent small framed bloodlines, and is just a beautiful example of a brindle Highland mama, with outstanding conformation, udder and feet. Utterly calm, collected, and independent, Lorelei is Second in Charge of our fold, and a real favorite here at Raintree.

Red Rock Catriona (Astrid)

DOB: 7/20/2018

ID: RLM 002

Registration: AHCA 58337

Sire: Red Willow Dillion

Dam: RR Tira (Lorelei)

"Auntie Astrid" took to mothering before she'd even had her first calf, as she often played nanny to the new calves. The mama's trust her completely, and the babies love their playgroup time with their Auntie.

Astrid is a lovely flaxen red, and boasts having the most beautiful tail in our fold, long and thickly haired with platinum gold highlights. She inherited her dam Lorelei's intelligence, calm demeanor, conformation, udder and feet. She still plays Auntie to the new calves, and now has two of her own in the gang as well!

RW Glee (Autumn Flower)

DOB: 10/30/2018

ID: RLM 003

Registration: AHCA 58606

Sire: Prairie Grass Hill Crackerjack

Dam: Red Willow Velveteen

Flower Power. Autumn Flower is out of some tremendous old "heritage type" bloodlines and is just a perfect little package in every way. Short and square, calm and confident, excellent udder and feet, with striking platinum dun coloration and magnificent classic highland head and hair. Her calving ease and mothering ability are second to none, and her calves are always amongst our very best.

Flower Power indeed!

RW Goldie (Prairie Blossom)

DOB: 12/09/2018

ID: RLM 004

Registration: AHCA 58607

Sire: Prairie Grass Hill Crackerjack

Dam: Red Willow Yoletta

Half sister to Flower, Blossom is her virtual twin in every regard except color and horn set. Her dam is the smallest framed cow in the Red Willow Fold of old blood "heritage type" highlands, and she passed her perfect little figure on to her daughter.

Prairie Blossom follows her sis Flower in calving ease, mothering ability and outstanding offspring.

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